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Our music production team
Falling stone music

Falling stone music was established in 2019. The team has many years of creative experience and has a very good brand influence in the chinese industry. The service projects cover the creation of music types such as songs, advertisements, and movies. Clients that have cooperated include: Mercedes-Benz , Jingdong, Matsushita Electric, Health Preservation Hall, OPPO and other top brands at home and abroad; collaborated artists include Li Yifeng, Chen Hongyu, Wu Yingjie, Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Phoenix Legend, Xiao Panpan, Liu Xin, Wang Yihao, Zhu Xingdong, etc. The branding is to create a song belong to everyone own.

Wanderer Music Production

Wanderer Music Production is the next high-end music and audio institution of the media industry., it’s a branch in California and Beijing China. Here at Wanderer we are committed to the production of outstanding original soundtracks for film, television, animation, advertising, video games, and other multimedia. Our mission is to build a bridge where music and culture can be exchanged between the United States, China, and the rest of the globe. Our team includes the field's leading music and audio professionals with expertise in scoring for audio visual media and audio post-production. As our global impact expands, we are becoming the world's premier music and audio enterprise.

Projects Demonstration
How to notify customized requirements?
You could contact us directly via online customer service or business email. We’ll provide you with the most suitable music producer according to the customized category needs. After finalizing the music producer and confirming the price period, we’ll sign a contract with you and issue an invoice, producer information etc.
Whether the quote rationality ?
We comprehensively value dimensions, budget space, production difficulty, deadlines, service content and other dimensions. Base on above, we provide you with a quotation that is the absolute rational market price.
How to determine the quality of customization?
We control every production link throughout the process. We assist you in communicating with the producer from the demo to the finished product. We strictly control every modification / production detail. Moreover, We also provide bands, singers, recordings, music editors, Packaged services such as sound design involve in projects of cross-border cooperation. Also, we provide translation services to ensure a high degree of reduction of customization needs.
Is the copyright safe?
According to different requirements, you can own the copyright of the work or negotiate copyright issues with the producer. We’ll able to provide a legal team to help you confirm the ownership of the copyright and related document agreements.

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